Errter Rate


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Max – Rank 5 for slot 1-2-3-4, Rank 3 for Radiance

Rate of squeezing Spirit Stone slot 1-2-3-4 when not using charms

Rank 1-2-3: 90%

Rank 4: 89%

Rank 5: 87%

Radiance squeezing rate when not using charms

Rank 1: 89%

Rank 2: 88%

Rank 3: 87%

When using Elemental Lucky Charms will increase by 10%. That is, for Rank 1-2-3, you will get 100% when using lucky charms. For Rank 4-5, using a lucky charm that is sprayed will lose the spirit stone.

When using the Chaos Element Charm, the spray will not lose the spirit stone, but reduce the level of that Rank to +0.

When pressing the attribute book, you can use chaos element charms (like normal BKHC) or luck charms.