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1: One of the easiest ways, open the FGO-Launcher and in the upper right corner there will be a gear icon and select resolution
2: If you want change resolution, please follow these steps:
1.Open "LauncherOption.if" file in game client and set the value on "DevModeIndex"
2.Choose one of resolution
DevModeIndex:0 = [800x600 4x3]
DevModeIndex:1 = [1024x768 4x3]
DevModeIndex:2 = [1152x864 4x3]
DevModeIndex:3 = [1280x720 16x9] (Wide)
DevModeIndex:4 = [1280x800 16x10] (Wide)
DevModeIndex:5 = [1280x960 4x3]
DevModeIndex:6 = [1400x1050 4x3]
DevModeIndex:7 = [1400x900 16x10] (Wide)
DevModeIndex:8 = [1600x900 16x9] (Wide)
DevModeIndex:9 = [1680x1050 16x10] (Wide)
DevModeIndex:10 = [1920x1080 16x9] (Wide)
3. Save the file, re-enter the game.
<- (based on what kind of number there will be, depending on this, the resolution of the game will change). (Example: if DevModeIndex:0 then resolution will be 800x600, if DevModeIndex:5 then resolution will be 1280x960).
WindowMode:1 <- (on this line we choose, do we need a WindowMode on Game or not, if not then set it to 0)
ID: <- (here we can put auto-complete login name when you start your game). (Example: if ID:, then login will be auto-completed with, you will left enter only password).