About Server Reset - League II


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GRAND OPEN : 17/7/2021 - 15h00
FGO -RESET - A change in gameplay

We created a League server, a League lasting from 30 days to 45 days. Every season there will be new gameplay, new experiences for players
A place where you can have short-term entertainment, but still have certain benefits when you still want to return to the non-reset server
About League II

- Server Version : Full Season 16

- Experience : x5000

- Master Experience : x5000

- Majestic Experience : 5000

- Item Drop 80%

- Max Level 400

- Max Master Level 900

- Max All Stats 12.500

At NPC Moss E0
You can convert jewels you earn into coins Gobin Gold Coin
These coins, will be used at SEVER FGO – NONRESET

When completing major reset milestones you will get a certain ruud bonus
/reset ( ingame ) zen = 1,000,000 for the first time
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